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Structural Strength
Built-In Features

At Multi-Facetted Homes,

we go the extra mile

to incorporate many "hidden" structural "extras" that are not available in most conventional home construction.

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As to structural strengthwind loading and earthquake resistance, our homes have been engineered to meet the building codes of Guam (typhoon conditions), which far exceed the Hawaii and USA national building codes.  We've also been building in the South Pacific where all of our homes have safely gone through CAT5 Cyclones, such as TC Pam and TC Harold even more recently. 

Part of this is due to the inherently wind-resistant shape, and also to a number of extra structural measures of quality, carefully designed and built into every Multi-Facetted Home package.  



Strength and
Wind-Resistant Shape

As opposed to the standard recto-linear home shape, our architects (and homeowners) point out that winds will tend to gently wrap around the more round shaped multi-sided homes, whereas with a flat-style roof, strong winds can tend to grab and lift the roof, like a sail.

Some of the extra Built-in Structural Features include:

1.  Hurricane Hardware.

All of our homes are designed with hidden hurricane straps and hurricane hardware, which are concealed underneath finished wood trim. 

Here is an example of a Hale-12 skylight being partially trimmed, and before any trim has been applied to the hip rafter joints:

And the finished skylight will look like this:

In addition to the skylight hardware, the entire home package contains hurricane strapping throughout, all hidden beneath furniture-grade woodworking trim.

2.  Framing Members are Screwed, Not Nailed.

The Redwood framing of both the wall and roof panels, instead of being nailed, is screwed together with long, 3" coarse-thread, weather-coated, "grabber" screws.


In addition to the life-time quality woods, this adds extra strength and longevity to the security of your home's overall framing integrity.  

3.  Special T&G Milling.   All our Cedar siding is of the "Hawaiian-milled" pattern T&G, which has a long tongue and a deep groove, for added weather-tightness.

4.  Pressurized Siding Application.     In our manufacturing process, we have a technique developed where each T&G siding piece is squeezed together with 40 lbs of pressure, while it is being applied to the framing members, so that the siding always maintains a very tight fit.

The combination of pressurized siding application, along with the Hawaiian milling,

makes for a very tight system, unlike what can be accomplished by

regular on-site siding application methods. 

5.  Stainless Steel Ring Shank Siding Nails.   

The T&G exterior siding is applied with high-quality stainless steel ring-shank siding nails, to prevent eventual corrosion-staining of the beautiful exterior woods, and to eliminate the risk of nails working loose over years in the tropical weather - and this also adds to the shear-strength of the whole structure.

6.  Solid, Bolted Construction.   In addition to the hurricane straps and hardware, the roof panels not with nails, but are through-bolted together..

7.  Flexibility - for Earthquake and High Wind Conditions.  

In addition to the above, because all of the wall and roof framing is screwed together (not nailed), the flexibility is greatly increased, and our homes can flex to extremes which are beyond the tolerances of conventional building systems.

And ...    

In addition to all the extra measures we take to assure you the highest in quality of materials and structural workmanship. our panels are also skillfully hand-crafted and inspected for fine-furniture quality finish-work. 

Our customers tell us that

being inside a Multi-Facetted home is

"like living inside a piece of fine furniture".

We are pleased to offer these excellent homes,

not only for their beauty and ease of assembly,

but for the added measures of superior quality and workmanship

that goes into every Multi-Facetted home package.


Phones:  530-918-8999


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