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The Hale-12
with Full Expanded Wrap-around
Plantation-style Covered Lanai

DS_0177 (2).jfif

Your Own, Custom-Designed
Hawai'i Home 

As you can begin to see from these Sample Floor Plans (from past MF Homes customers), you have lots of design freedom.

With the Hale-12 (or any of our Hales), you can

have some extra Rooms, Carport and/or Covered

Deck/Lanai Extensions (rectangular) 

and/or you could design some

Wrap-around-style  Expansion areas

for additional Rooms or Panoramic Balcony areas...

Our building system lets you arrange your rooms, walls, etc. anywhere you like. 


So, feel free to start with one of these examples... 

Then imagine and design your custom home layout

as you may find most appealing for your building site

and your lifestyle preferences. 

Our designer will assist you in refining the details

of the home you want, and taking it forward

for your Hawaii-stamped Architectural plans.

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DS_0177 (2).jfif
12Ext - 1B Musson.jpg

Would you like to have
even more spacious
interior room area,
inside a
Hale-12 Expansion

In addition to the Extensions and Expansion areas you can design for your new home,

you could choose to open things up even more

with what we call the Open-Expansion of the Hale-12.

Also applicable to any Hale-8 

floor plan designing. 

Here is how an Open Expansion can look,

inside a Hale-12 designed home...  


Besides connecting one or more

of the Hale's for larger home designs,

you can also keep going outward,

if you may prefer.

A large Guest House for

Bed & Breakfast,

with ensuite bed/baths and

private entrances is another idea

that's been done.

Add some covered lanai

with dining tables, a commercial kitchen,

and voila!   


9 Entry (1).jpg
Birds eye view_small.jpg




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