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Floor Plan Designs

Our unique design system makes use of our beautifully hand-crafted wall and roof/ceiling panels... Custom-made to the specs of your MFH architectural plans, and ready for your quick assembly. 

Your beautiful new island home or cottage (we call them Hale's, pronounced "Ha-Lay", which is the Hawaiian word for house or home) can be weather-tight in just one to several days, depending upon the size of your home!

You get to custom-design your own layout - to fit the individuality of your building site and your living preferences.  We have a number of examples here so you can gain ideas from how some of our past clients have done their own custom-home floor plan layouts.  

The Hale-12's

30' diameter 12-sided Dodecagon

2-1/3 times the square footage of the Hale-8,
the Hale-12 is open and spacious,
with a 6' tinted skylight in the center. 
5 Hale-12 Exp 3.jpg

Larger Custom Home Designs

The Hales can be combined in almost unlimited combinations and formations, single and 2-story, with a variety of options for connecting them, such as covered walkways, breezeways or rectangular room connection areas inside the living areas.

Our larger homes are stunning examples of how custom-home features and elegance can be obtained at package home prices.

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6 C4   The Tiare Edit.jpg

The Hale-8's

20' diameter 8-sided Octagon

Our original classic design octagon cottage, with beautiful, open-beam redwood and cedar ceiling. 


Photo Views of Some
MFH Room Interiors