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MFH Shell Kits Package Pricing 

 MFH Shell Kits
Package Pricing 

When shopping and planning your construction budget, there are 3 things you are wanting to consider:

1) Costs for materials - with their quality in mind.

2) Costs of labor - for your construction project.

3) Additional (hidden) costs - which run up with time (land payments, loan interest, rent of other residence, etc.) while your home is being prepared, but is not yet ready to live in.

Our pricing information (below) is laid out to help answer all of the above for you.

  •  You have your selection of top quality, lifetime materials, with prices listed for each.

  •  All prices are for pre-constructed building components (wall and roof/ceiling panels), with the labor (framing, siding, sheathing, etc.) already done.

  •  Construction time estimates are given (at the bottom of this page) so that you will know how long you will need to plan for your home shell assembly -- whether you do this yourself with some assistants, or whether you plan to hire a building contractor.

MFH Hale Kits Price List Update Cupola (2).jpg
MFH Hale Kits Price List Update Cupola (1).jpg

All our packages come with a helpful Assembly Manual,

which guides you (and/or your builder) through the

preparation and assembly process.

And we are always available to help and provide you

with tips and suggestions to help make your building project

an even more efficient and rewarding experience. 

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Phones:  530-918-8999


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