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Single-Story Larger Home Designs

Would you like to have

your own Private Bedroom suite, still connected but nicely separated from the central

areas of your home? 

How about a Bedroom wing,

leading down your hallway

to a cozy Hale-8 ?

Guest rooms, kids' rooms,

an art studio, home office,

game room, parents' suite...

It's easy to create a larger

home for your lifestyle

needs, by connecting

the Hale's together, in almost

any variety of layouts.

Copy (2) of 2600 up 1.jfif

You may like to connect
a Hale-8 to a Hale-12,
and create a rectangular
room area in between. 

(Entrance, laundry, dining, etc.)

Connections can be either
2 or 3 panels long and
either 2 or 3 panels wide. 

Here are some examples
of homes that we've done:


You may like to connect
two Hale-12's together,
in a similar way,
for additional interior
room space(s) ... 


1500 Garage.BMP - Copy.jpg
1500.dougherty thumb.jpg
1500 Prkg Elev Bitmap.jpg

We've done some really beautiful homes using 3 or 4 Hale's in
design formations to meet
homeowners' various
layout preferences. 

Here are some examples ... 


1600 A - Prejean.jpg
Birds eye view_small.jpg




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